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3 Reasons Your Home May Have Noisy Plumbing Pipes

11/29/2021 (Permalink)

Man covering ears Noisy pipes in your Briarcliff, GA, home can be costly as well as annoying.

Understanding The Meaning Of Noisy Pipes

As a Briarcliff, GA, homeowner, you might be used to all the sounds your home makes, such as which floorboards and stairs creak or the noise of your heater cranking on at night. However, one noise that may spell trouble is when your home’s plumbing pipes start to make noise. Some of these noises may signal an imminent pipe break or flood, so understanding what they mean could help you head off major plumbing problems.

1. Humming
While some noise is common as you run water, noticeable humming could mean that your home’s water pressure is too high. As water runs through the pipes, the pressure causes them to vibrate, which creates noise. Failing to have your home’s water pressure checked could result in a pipe burst and considerable flood, so you may want to address this sound as soon as you notice it.

2. Banging
Banging pipes usually occur when you turn off a faucet and the remaining water in the pipe meets a closed valve. While this is not necessarily a sign of trouble, the water pressure in your home may need to be adjusted. This banging sound, which is also known as a water hammer, could result in a pipe break if the plumbing has any weak elbow joints. Having your plumbing inspected if banging noises increase may prevent a sudden flood.

3. Squealing
If your pipes squeal when you run the water, this could mean that a component inside or around the pipe, such as a washer, is starting to wear out. A water damage and mitigation service may be able to help you decide whether you need a plumber to fix broken pipe parts or whether the pipes need replacing.
Noisy pipes in your Briarcliff, GA, home can be costly as well as annoying. Recognizing the sounds they make may help you prevent a pipe break and untold flood damage.

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