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Ozone Gas and Restoration: How is it Used?

5/24/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team preparing for a day of fire damage restoration. Our SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team is equipped to handle any type or severity of biohazard and fire damage here in Brookhaven, GA & surrounding areas.

When you think about restoration services, the idea of ozone gas probably doesn't come to mind. However, at SERVPRO of NW Dekalb/Dunwoody/Brookhaven, we utilize this powerful resource in various ways, including biohazard cleanup and odor removal.

What is Ozone Gas and How Does it Work to Eliminate Odors?

Ozone gas is a powerful odor eliminator due to its unique chemical properties. Here's a simplified breakdown of how it works to eliminate odors:

  1. Ozone Generation: Ozone gas (O3) is created by adding an extra oxygen atom to stable oxygen molecules (O2). This is typically done using ozone generators, which produce ozone by either silent corona discharge or ultraviolet radiation.
  2. Oxidation Process: Ozone is highly reactive, thanks to the instability of the extra oxygen atom. When ozone comes into contact with odor-causing molecules (like those found in smoke, mold, or biohazards), it instigates an oxidation process. This process involves the transfer of electrons from the odor-causing molecule to the ozone molecule, resulting in the odor molecule being chemically altered.
  3. Odor Neutralization: This chemical alteration effectively breaks down the odor-causing molecule, neutralizing the odor. The ozone molecule itself turns into an oxygen molecule (O2) in the process, which is why ozone is often referred to as a "natural" odor neutralizer.

It's important to note that while ozone can be very effective at eliminating odors, it is also a strong oxidizer and can be harmful to people, pets, and certain materials if used improperly. Therefore, ozone treatments should only be conducted by trained professionals like our SERVPRO of NW Dekalb/Dunwoody/Brookhaven restoration team in a controlled environment, and the treated area should be adequately ventilated before re-occupancy.

The Role of Ozone Gas in Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard cleanup is one area where ozone gas shines. This type of cleanup involves the removal, cleaning, and disinfection of materials that have been in contact with biohazards, such as bodily fluids, blood, or toxic substances. During these cleanups, offensive odors can permeate the air, making the task of sanitizing the area even more challenging.

That's where ozone gas comes in. By generating ozone gas in a confined space, we can efficiently eliminate these unpleasant odors, making the area safer and more comfortable for occupants.

Ozone Gas in Fire and Smoke Restoration

Ozone gas is also a key player in fire and smoke restoration. It's especially useful in addressing smoke odor, one of the most stubborn smells to remove. After a fire, smoke can infiltrate various materials in a property, leaving behind an intense odor that lingers long after the flames are out.

The introduction of ozone gas helps to neutralize these stubborn smells. It reacts with the smoke odor molecules, effectively 'oxidizing' them and eliminating the unpleasant smell. This makes it an essential part of restoring a property to its pre-fire condition.

The Benefits of Ozone Gas in Restoration

Beyond its impressive odor-neutralizing properties, ozone gas offers several other benefits:

  • Efficiency: Ozone gas can permeate all areas of a property, including hard-to-reach spaces, ensuring a thorough cleanup.
  • Eco-Friendly: Once ozone gas has done its job, it reverts back to regular oxygen, leaving no harmful residues.
  • Versatile: Whether it's biohazard cleanup, smoke and fire damage restoration, or tackling other offensive odors, ozone gas proves to be a versatile tool.

Trust the Experts in Ozone Gas Restoration

At SERVPRO of NW Dekalb/Dunwoody/Brookhaven, we understand the power and potential of ozone gas in restoration work. From biohazard cleanup to smoke odor removal, we leverage this powerful resource to provide you with the highest standard of clean.

Remember, when disaster strikes, it's not just about repairing the damage; it's about restoring your comfort and peace of mind. Trust our expert team to make it “Like it never even happened.” If you need our services, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here for you 24/7.

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